Flea and Tick Control

At Four Rivers Veterinary Clinic we want our clients to be fully informed about external parasites in the Treasure Valley. We have seen an increasing number of pets with both fleas and ticks in the past few years.  This is a change, and many pet owners don’t believe we have fleas here in Malheur and Payette county.  Because the numbers of parasites have increased and because both fleas and ticks can transmit parasites and serious diseases we are recommending flea and tick control for all cats and dogs that continues all year round.

How to establish adequate flea control is another area that is often misunderstood.  That is because the flea life cycle is hard to understand.  Essentially a good flea control product should kill not only adult fleas but also kill both eggs and immature flea life stages.  Good flea control also means the pet’s environment must be controlled.  To that end we frequently encourage owners to use flea bombs that contain the insect growth regulator Nylar in their homes at the same time flea control for all pets in the household is started. Some owners also go ahead and use yard sprays or pest control services to treat their yards for fleas and ticks.

Here at Four Rivers Veterinary Clinic we recommend two products for dogs, one topical Frontline Gold or the oral chew Nexguard.  Both of these products are labeled to kill both fleas and ticks.  For cats we recommend the topical product Frontline Gold.  Frontline Gold is the improved version of Frontline Plus, an extra insect growth regulator was added to provide longer control over the egg and larval stages of the flea life cycle.  All of these products are to be used once a month and we recommend they be used all year.  As a rule we do not usually recommend flea shampoos or flea collars.  The only exception is the Seresto brand collars, these collars which are available for both cats and dogs. These collars provide flea and tick control for up to 8 months.  We do not carry these collars but can be found at stores like D & B.

Please call us with any flea and tick control questions.