Surgical Services

Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgeries for Dogs and Cats

Surgical ProcedureFour Rivers Veterinary Clinic is happy to provide surgical services for dogs and cats. We are equipped for both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.

Special Training in Bone Plate Applications

In addition to soft tissue procedures like spays, neuters, and tumor removals, Dr. Robinson has had extra training in bone plate application for treatment of long bone fractures. She has both a 2.0mm and a 3.5mm bone plate set-up to help pets of different sizes.

Surgical procedures can be a time of worry for pet owners. Four Rivers Veterinary Clinic does all they can to minimize that worry:

  • A complete physical exam is performed on surgical patients prior to their anesthesia.
  • An anesthetic plan is tailored to fit each animal’s individual needs.
  • Appropriate pain medications to the type of surgery being performed are provided and we send additional pain medications home as well to ensure the animals have a comfortable recovery.
  • Pets have IV catheters, IV fluids when indicated, and heat sources to maintain body temperature are provided while in surgery.
  • Animals are monitored by veterinary assistants, as well as being continuously monitored by an anesthesia monitor which monitors such things as heart rate, lead II EKG, oxygen saturation, end tidal carbon dioxide, body temperature and respiration rate.
  • Pets are monitored during recovery and wake up on padded beds with heat sources.

There is No Such Thing as a Simple Surgery

Surgical Procedure

No surgery is considered “simple,” so we offer pre-surgical blood work to evaluate parameters like blood count, liver and kidney values, and electrolytes, in combination with a complete physical examination to determine if your pet is ready for surgery and what steps need to be taken to ensure good surgical outcomes.

If there is a surgery that Dr. Robinson feels would be best performed by a specialist, she will be happy to help get you set up with a surgical specialist. West Vet Specialty Center in Boise Idaho has three board certified surgeons who can perform those specialized surgeries.