Radiology ImageRadiology (x-ray) is a non-invasive tool that can be essential for veterinarians as we try to determine causes of illness and a good treatment plan for your pet. Radiographs (x-rays) are used to determine health problems in many different organ systems. In addition to the obvious broken bones or ingested foreign bodies, radiographs can help us determine problems within the heart and lungs, as well as the urinary tract, and even look for tooth root abscesses in the mouth.

Various Imaging Services Offered

Radiology ImageHere at Four Rivers Veterinary Clinic, we offer plain and some contrast radiology services. We are able to have Dr. Julie Eckdahl of Veterinary Imaging Specialists of Idaho, a board certified radiologist who is based in Boise, Idaho, come to our practice to perform any ultrasounds needed. She can also evaluate any radiographs taken at our practice.

For those animals who need advanced imaging such as CT or MRI, we will refer you to West Vet Specialty Clinic in Boise, Idaho.