Vaccinations For Your Dog

Four Rivers Veterinary Clinic offers 3 additional vaccines (besides the core DA2P/PV, Rabies and Bordatella) for dogs whose lifestyle may expose them to other diseases.

 Crotalus Atrox Toxoid (rattlesnake vaccine)

Protect Your Dog with Rattlesnake Vaccine

Protect Your Dog with Rattlesnake Vaccine

The rattlesnake vaccine was developed to give protective antibodies to dogs who would be around the Western Diamond Rattlesnake. These antibodies help to lessen the pain of the bite and decrease the risk of permanent damage to the dog. Vaccinated dogs should still be examined by a veterinarian if bitten.

Recommended Protocol

The recommended protocol for this vaccine is an initial vaccination the first year with a booster immunization 4 weeks after. The maximum levels of antibodies develop 6 to 8 weeks after vaccination and duration of protection is approximately 6 months. In subsequent years dogs are given a single booster vaccination. If your dog will be in a part of the country where rattlesnakes will be active all year, we recommend a vaccination every 6 months.

For more questions about this vaccine, please call Four Rivers Veterinary Clinic or visit The Red Rock Biologics website.