Behavioral Medicine

Think Like a Cat

If you want to change a cat’s behavior, you must think like a cat! But what if you think like a d-o-g or even like a person? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Carney who most often does think like a cat.

Vet Gets Inside Cat's Minds

She has studied cat behavior for almost 40 years and while still learning from our purring friends, understands how to help you better address feline behaviors such as house soiling; not getting along with roommate cats, children and adults; scratching the new couch; crying in the middle of the night and over-grooming.

Dr. Carney started working with “misbehaving” cats because her own beloved cat wet the bed and he taught her much about what cats needs to feel secure.

After evaluating your cat for any possible medical causes of the behavior, Dr. Carney will proceed with a full behavior history and develop a plan specific for your situation. She may use behavior modification drugs as well.

Dr. Carney has published scientific articles and book chapters about feline behavior and lectures about it to both veterinary groups and the general public.

What’s Your Cat Trying To Say?

What's Your Cat Trying To Say?