The Wound That Would Not Heal

“Tesla” came to visit us after she had been adopted from a local animal shelter seven months ago. Tesla had been abused as a younger dog; she had to have an embedded collar removed from her neck. She still had wounds around her neck in the process of healing when she was adopted.

All Because of a Rubber Band

She thrived in her new home but her neck wounds never healed. She came to us because her owners could not get her healed. There were wounds on both sides of her neck that were draining and there was visible indentations found all around the neck.

Success Story: Rubber Band Wound HealsWe shaved the hair away from the wounds and after thoroughly cleaning them, I found an area where the skin was blistered up. I probed that area and found of all things a rubber band! This rubber band was buried under the skin all the way around the neck. I cut the rubber band and pulled it out from the wound.

We have sent her home where we hope she will finally finish healing!

UPDATE: Tesla “Tessie” came back for a visit last week. Her neck has healed beautifully. There are no open wounds at this point.

She will most likely have long term scarring around her neck, but she feels great and should have a long and happy life with her “fur-ever” home!