Cats in Need

Abandoned and Alone

A few weeks ago we had two young adult cats brought to us that had been found in an abandoned apartment.  It was estimated that these cats had been left in the apartment without any care for at least 2 weeks.  When these cats were found they were near death and were found among 8  dead kittens of various ages.  These two cats, one male and one female, could not stand because they were so weak and both could not see for the severe eye infections they were suffering from.

If Not for the Kindness of Strangers

The caring individual who brought these cats in was generous enough to pay for the extensive blood work done to determine if they would survive.  These cats then spent about 10 days with us getting the fluids, medication and nutrition they needed to begin their recovery.  After 10 days both cats were able to walk a few steps and were eating well and recovering from their upper respiratory infections.  These lucky cats went home with a volunteer to continue their long road to recovery. We hope to have updates soon.