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Grain-Free Diets

Common Truths and Misconceptions about Grain-Free Pet Food There is no doubt that the pet food market has seen huge growth over the last few…

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Parvovirus - What You NEED To Know

Parvovirus: Puppies Are Not The Only Ones

This year our clinic has seen several cases of Parvovirus in older dogs that did not get a complete series of puppy vaccine, or that have had a break in coverage of the series, by one year of age. With these incidents, we have decided it would be important to talk about Parvo and what our current vaccine recommendations are.

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Summer and Fall 2018 Specials

July thru September- 25% off Preventative Care Chemistry Panel for dogs and cats 6 years of age and under August- Spays and Neuters 15% off…

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Trevor - a Senior Dog

Senior Wellness Package – Age 6+

When does a pet become a senior? There is no real answer or formula for that question. Most Veterinary Professionals will agree that a giant…

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Calico with Shrew

Winter and Your Pets

Burr, it’s cold outside. With the changing weather upon us, this means that your pets’ outdoor needs will have to change a little. Here are…

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The Blogging Veterinarian

As the weather changes and spring comes our thoughts turn to…Canine Influenza??   Wait did I just type that?  Yes I did. Recently Boise Idaho has…

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Cats in Need

Cats in Need

Abandoned and Alone A few weeks ago we had two young adult cats brought to us that had been found in an abandoned apartment.  It…

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Dog With Rubber Band Collar

The Wound That Would Not Heal

“Tesla” came to visit us after she had been adopted from a local animal shelter seven months ago. Tesla had been abused as a younger…

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Dr. Erin Robinson

Erin Robinson, DVM

Dr. Erin Robinson knew from a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian. She began her college days at the University of Idaho…

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Dr. Hazel Carney

Hazel Carney, DVM, MS, DABVP

Dr. Hazel Carney, DVM, MS, DABVP, is a graduate of Colorado State University where she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1981. She…

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