Four Rivers Veterinary Clinic has had the honor to work with and heal many of the area’s small animals throughout the years. Read what some of our patients’ humans have said about us:

Compassionate and Caring

Trevor - a Senior Dog

Not long ago, my beloved Golden Retriever started to fail very quickly while waiting for surgery to remove yet another Mast Cell cancer tumor from his body. When I alerted Dr. Erin of his deteriorating condition, she compassionately explained that the surgery was no longer an option as he was failing so quickly. She and her staff were so very kind, coming into the office during non-work hours to assist him in crossing over the Rainbow Bridge and helping us through what we knew we had to do. My husband and I will always be grateful for the love and support provided to us and to our dear Trevor. Thank you, Dr. Erin. You’re the best.

Barbara Rowen


We’ve taken our cats to 4 Rivers since 1999 and have been well satisfied with the assorted diagnoses, treatments, empathy and tenderness when we had to have one of our favorites put down. Dr. Carney is treating our current cat for hyperthyroidism and seem to be having great success. We pleased with the treatment our loved ones receive and have confidence that the best of reasonable results will be achieved. Jack Roberts

Jack E Roberts

The Kee Zoo

Dr. Robinson and her staff are truly like family to us. They take care of our animals as if they were their own. We have received numerous calls or texts after hours, giving us updates or just checking in, when our animals are sick. Thank you so much, Dr. Robinson and staff, you are amazing!!!

Amy Kee

Saving Yoshi

Dr. Robinson has been our veterinarian since 2003. She and her staff are absolutely incredible. In 2012 Dr. Carney and Dr. Robinson saved our Yoshi, we truly thought we were going to lose him. They have continued to help him multiple times, since then!! He has been a real challenge, as he has multiple health issues, but FRVC has never given up on him and neither will we!! He gets sub q fluids every other day and medication for hyperthyroidism and pancreatitis, but today he is doing great, we are so thankful we didn’t lose faith!!! Thank you for always going above and beyond, not only for our animals, but for us too!!

Amy Kee

Best Doc out there!

Our super cat Rufus unfortunately came down with a tumor of his thyroid. The tumor was discovered early and our local vet recommended Dr. Carney at Four Rivers. She met with us and discussed the entire issue, treatment, follow-up and everything. She was absolutely the most knowledgable and caring veterinarian we had ever had the pleasure to work with. her care for Rufus was nothing less than perfect. She would visit him and truly cared about his well being. She would call us at home with updates making us feel much much better about the treatment and the outcome. In a nutshell, she saved his life. We felt informed, and knew that she and all the people at Four Rivers cared about this one red cat. That one red cat is back home today, lounging on my lap, tromping through the back yard, and rubbing around the legs of his dog. We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Carney. She is a one in a million.

Jack W. Lamb

Best Veterinary Clinic Ever!

We have been raising cats since 1982, dealing with many veterinary practices in three states/five cities. We were seeing another veterinary in Ontario, whose office sent us to Four Rivers once when he was unavailable. My little boy cat was scared to death, but immediately calmed down and never minded anyone there handling him. We have been happy with this clinic ever since. Dr. Robinson is my favorite vet and she works with a group of outstanding women. They taught me about feline diet, giving medicine, even sub-q fluids, and how to handle behavior problems. About nine months ago, I had to adopt my son’s three cats, two of whom were pretty sickly. One did not make it, but even her death was made easier by this group of women, and Dr. Robinson learned things that are helping the twin have a better quality of life. Six weeks ago, we moved from Ontario to the countryside outside of Okemah, Oklahoma. We are living with five cats in a 34′ RV until our house is complete. Without Dr. R’s advice on calming aids, my sanity would be in jeopardy. The clinic sent us with complete files of each cat, called in prescriptions to be waiting for us and advised us on finding another vet. If only we could teleport the clinic here StarTrek style!

Susan Trickey


Our family is very large, and Erin takes care of all the 4-footed ones. We can’t imagine going anywhere else. Thanks to the excellent staff at 4 Rivers for making our lives more healthy – and way more interesting.

Leigh Simmons

Bert and Max

My boys think this is the best place on earth beside our house

Patty Standage